President Obama is a Socialist

March/02/2010 16:42PM
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There, I said it. John McCain was asked this question by David Gregory on network TV last weekend. He danced around the question. The question is being asked more and more as the President continues to push his agenda. Seemingly oblivious of the deficit and national debt this president continues to push a huge new entitlement program that Ronald Reagan said was the tool that liberal/progressives would use to move this country to socialism.

Nationalizing business, raising taxes, more government control over everything, more entitlements, surrounding yourself with avowed socialists, and destroying all vestiges of capitalism is the path to socialism. If you are the man at the wheel driving all of these initiatives, you are a socialist. Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s a duck.

The whisper campaign about this question is becoming a speaking campaign. Soon it will become a shout. The vast majority of Americans do not want a president who is a socialist. Hence, the poll ratings. The majority of Americans do not want the deficit to go over the $13 trillion it is approaching. An all-time record. The majority do not believe the Federal Government can hold the cost of health care reform to the $1 trillion Obama promises. It’s apparent as the losses from Freddie and Fannie mount that the government can not control costs on anything they touch. Despite this, Obama soldiers on with health care reform. Why? He can’t stop. It’s the truth, Reagan was right, you must get this as the foundation to making America a socialist country. He’s all in, as they say in Texas Hold-em.

You, your neighbors, and your family need to quit giving him the benefit of the doubt. He’s out of the closet. It’s time to acknowledge, we elected a socialist.

Mainstream meida is worried about Obama smoking. I’m worried about Obama bankrupting America. One of us has our priorities wrong.

Now it’s time to defang the president. He can’t shove his socialist agenda on us if we throw the rest of the like-mined Democrats out of office in the fall elections. It has to become more than an election, it has to be a cause.

Let them push his health care agenda through with reconciliation. Then, as Lamar Alexander has promised, put a bill in repealing it. Let all the Democrats who voted for the bill go home for Easter break and experience what they got with the town hall meeting. See whether the bill to repeal goes through.

Let them step in it, then watch them try to get it off their shoes between now and November. Obama went to Nevada to campaign for Harry Reid. In a poll 75% said it did nothing, 7% said he helped Harry, and 18% said it hurt Harry.

The man is becoming a pariah to the party. Why? Because most Americans now recognize Barack Obama is a Socialist. It’s a kiss of death in this country. Once tagged, it stays. Might as well tattoo it on his forehead. Try as he might, he can’t dodge the truth once the public applies it to him. It’s being applied and fast.

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