Government Cheese and Cheesy Government

February/02/2010 19:22PM
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My Parents were young adults in the Great Depression. They shared with me the horrors of being poor and no jobs during this dark time in America. They talked about government cheese and peanut butter handed out to hungry people in need. The government cheese wasn’t smelly cheese, but American cheese as we know it today. It was a good idea in times when good ideas were few.

Today we have food stamps. The poor and needy can go to the store and get more than cheese and peanut butter. But, today, we have cheesy politicians still passing out ideas that take the cheese from the people and transfer it to the government to waste in ideas that no one could ever imagine.

The classic example is the idea Obama and Holder had to try the five terrorists in Federal court in NYC. Estimates of the cost, $400 million to $2 billion. That’s a lot of cheese. Who benefits? Not the American people or the taxpayers? The ACLU, yes, the far left, yes, the President who is still trying to damage the Bush reputation, yes, a loony Attorney General who wants to represent terrorists, yes, but most importantly, the terrorists themselves. New York City has thrown them out. Did they throw in the towel on a bad idea and say we were wrong, no. They are looking for another city or village that will take them.

This is cheesy politics at it’s absolute worst. Spending million of dollars in a time of deficits and budget issues to further the beliefs of a few supporters. We have come a long way from the days of government cheese to a time when cheesy politicians are trying to give our country and our liberties away. Not to the poor and needy, but to the ACLU.

I’ve had enough of the cheesy politicians who care not one whit about what we want. The Obama and the Holders who put ideology above common sense and prudent government. Have you?

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