The Week Journalism Died in America

July/10/2009 19:38PM
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Now all the major newspapers and TV news networks have sunk to the same level as the National Inquirer. Michael Jackson’s death drove the final nail in the media coffin.

They have been sinking lower and lower on any measure of professional journalism for years. The sold out to Obama in the presidential campaign. They are unable to present both sides of any situation. They are bleeding red ink and now need to do whatever it takes to get ratings and advertising.

The endless coverage of the death of Michael Jackson was all based on money. Not journalism. They were unable to mention word one about the real Michael Jackson. They packaged him to the public as an American icon, an African American icon, and made his death the biggest loss this country has had for decades. All crap, all spin, all in and effort to entertain, not report. They are officially prostitutes. Sold out to their ideologies and to selling entertainment. Not reporting factually on events that may effect the public.

Have you seen debates on the network TV or your newspaper about the pros and cons of cap and trade, universal health care, or the failing economy,i.e. how the stimulus bill is not working?

You only see the benefits of all these monumental decisions. They are still shilling for the liberal cause.

How does any journalism college in any university teach journalism today? First, they espouse the ideology of the faculty. Then, once brainwashed, do they teach students how to write and report on the cause? Is investigative reporting a lost art? Is reporting both sides of any issue dead? Is sorting out the relevant from the superfluous a priority?

How can any professor of journalism explain to an aspiring journalist the rationale behind Michael Jackson’s being the biggest news in America for 10 straight days?

Am I being unfair to the media? Are they just good marketers who do the research and deliver what the consumer wants? There is some of that. But, I can’t find many people who weren’t sick and tired of 10 days of Michael Jackson.

The media didn’t need to self-destruct more. They can’t afford it. But, they did and the credibility they had, precious little, took a big hit with the Jackson frenzy.

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