Beg Forgiveness, Don’t Ask Permission

June/22/2009 16:25PM
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I have always believed that too much authority is very dangerous. I have resisted excessive authority all my life. It never worked for me. I had an autocratic father and I learned early on he was often wrong. I obeyed when I had to or when I thought he might be right, but many times I simply did not obey.

I had a successful career in a very large corporation. But, I did my best work and got the best results when I operated as a “cowboy”, not following the political winds. If I got in too deep and took the heat, I had the results to protect me most of the time. As the corporation became increasingly more political and freedoms were restricted more and more, I found it harder and harder to exist in the system. The corporation is gone now. It was too big to fail, but it failed. It failed because it began to run like a government, not a corporation.

President Obama has a plan. The Liberals have been patient in America. They knew they couldn’t cram Europe down Americans throats. They had a pretty good hand, but not strong enough to move fast. It took a George W. Bush to change that. A bigger failure than Jimmy Carter, he set the table. Now with the help of a bad economy, Hollywood, the media, and public frustration, the window is open. Patience is being thrown to the winds. It’s pedal to the metal.

We are going to see the government use this opportunity to take control of this country and run everything. One by one your freedom to succeed will be diminished, your property will become the government’s property, and you will be equalized and made dependent on the government for the rest of your lives and the lives of your kids and grand kids. The penalties for non-compliance will get stiffer and stiffer. You will be kept in line. The courts, the universities, the media, and the government will put you on a level playing field. Too much success must be penalized.

This is the New Deal on crack. FDR on steroids. The pace is breathtaking. The time is now. They have their man, their congress, their media. One by one, the liberties and opportunities that made this country the envy of the world are being erased.

The bad guys are clearly identified. Big corporations. The bedrock of this country are now bad. The wealthy, the ones who created something and brought millions along through jobs and capital, they are bad and we need to confiscate their wealth to help the poor and downtrodden. The non-believers in global warming must be shouted out. No debate. Those who question whether National Health care is good based on experience in the UK and Canada, we don’t want to hear those arguments.

The die is cast, we must become a bigger, better version of Europe. The far left has been patient. Progress was made during FDR and with LBJ but it has been too slow.

There is too much freedom and liberty and opportunity left here. We see the ways to stamp that out and we are attacking each and every one. We will stack the courts with our people and operate them like the ACLU. We can unleash the power of academia and let the professors do their work in the open, educate the students about the merits of socialism. We can use the media to preach our platform and use freedom of choice to silence talk radio that dares to challenge or path. We can step up the tyranny and fire CEO’s of GM and inspectors general that nose into our business. We can use ACORN to control the voting and census. We can gerrymander districts to favor our plurality.

As we grow government into every aspect of every one’s life, we have won. If we push too hard America could be like Iran and people begin to rebel. We have to use every tool in our belt to sneak this by the people. Once we have it, they will not be able to rebel.

So what if it has been a failure everywhere it has been tried. We are smarter and better than that, and we will make this Utopian society work. Where everyone is equal. Everyone, except the people in government, Hollywood, and the Bill Gates types. But, for the most part, it will be hard to see much difference since we can control jobs, health care, production, taxes, laws, retirements, and every aspect of every one’s lives. What you drive, the size of your house, the pay you take home, and whether you get medical treatment. You will not want to upset us.

Sit and watch it happen or speak up and get angry and try to stop it from happening. Listen carefully to the words of the leaders in Washington today and tell me where I’m wrong. Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, Dodd, Frank, Emmanuel, and Obama. Listen and watch.

I’m not asking permission to speak, nor will I ever in my lifetime. I have never been a political rebel, but I am now. This blog will get 30,000 hits this month. It started with humble beginnings a year and a half ago. I will not rest until I double that and double that again. Evidently, there are many out there who agree with my concerns.

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