California Dreamin is Becoming a Reality

February/07/2009 2:43AM
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California has always led the nation in dreamers. After all, movies come from there. When you were a kid, movies were how you traveled, fantasized, and dreamed about what you wanted to do. Remember Governor Moonbeam? Remember the flower people? California, all. Dreamers, all.

California dreams often move about the country. The environmental movement is an example. The open door policy for illegals is another. Monumental spending at the state level without revenue is another. The gay movement. Political correctness. Need I go on?

When times are good we can spend money on bad ideas. When times are bad, we can’t afford them. I believe there is a correlation between excessive dreaming and bad economics. I use California to support that belief. California’s unemployment rate was 9.3% in December. It is certainly over 10.0% now. The state has a $40 billion deficit and is issuing IOU’s for tax refunds. People and businesses are leaving the state in droves. 

California, Gore, and Obama want to export the cap and trade dream from California to the rest of the country. California and CARB(California Air Resources Board) promise there is no negative economic impact from their version of cap and trade. Really? Who pays for all the costs to upgrade public transit and for new power transmission lines. What happens when all of the energy intensive businesses move elsewhere? And, why should those businesses make two moves? Since Obama has already declared war on you, just move to another country. And take those damned jobs with you.

See, I just don’t get it. I’m not much of a dreamer, I guess. If going green is just good business, why do we have to charge people to ignore it and pay people to do it?

And, not being much of a dreamer, I wonder why the people in California don’t take their state back from the dreamers. I have always thought that 10% unemployment was the magic number. That’s when civil unrest kicks in. That’s when the people who are being hurt  by the dreamers put a stop to it. If it’s not 10%, it’s not too much more.

Watch California. I believe as the Mommas and the Poppa’s sang, “California dreamin is becoming a reality”. We, and the people of California, can see the damage dreamers have done to the state. They will make change, not Obama change, but real change. The dreamers will be sent back to their Hollywood mansions and San Francisco Tenderloin Districts and reality will take over. 

If not, then dreaming will overtake the country and we are all lost.

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Comments (4)

  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    I think you are a dreamer. You dream of out driving me and I out drive sometimes. You dream of taking all of Erv’s money and he stiffs $50 from you this week. Keep dreaming.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Erv’s birthday gift was discounted severly on Thuraday. Keep dreaming and you will have to move to California.


  3. Chris Johnson says:

    It occured to me after watching "Apollo 13" on TV tonight that Californians are no less Americans than any other of us. American dreams, Californians among them, put men in space and a man on the moon. When our astronauts were in peril, we all, Californians among us, were united in our prayers to bring them home safely.

    Dreams are what made this country what it is today. Dreams, especially the radical dream of the Founding Fathers that all men were created equal, drove the US to be the freest, most properous nation on Earth. Tho all men are created equal, it is not true that all men on this earth are treated equally.

    You wrote <<I wonder why the people in California don’t take their state back from the dreamers>>. It’s because most of us are "the dreamers". We are the ones that dream of a place where men travel to into the unknown, where diseases that kill are defeated and where everyone is free and able to persue their passions.

    We lead the world in dreams and it is what makes America great.

  4. Bill Robertson says:


    There are lots of forms of dreaming. Charles Manson had his dream. James Jones of Jonestown had his. David Korish had his. Lots of shinks because not all dreams are heathy. You can ascribe all things good to dreams or all things bad. When dreams disconnect from reality they are generally bad.

    You should be Obama’s speech writer. He never deals directly with any question either. Nice to have you back.


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