Obama’s Green Team

December/16/2008 23:37PM
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I am so pleased that we have yet another czar. I know I’m about to become like Russia and this eases me into it. A car czar, and a energy czar, what czar is next? An ethics czar? No chance, no one would take that job in Washington where all the spouses of the Obama team are already registering as lobbyists. Another broken promise from the Messiah. 

Carol Browner is a left wing environmental zealot and the rest of the pack are all idealistic dreamers. This little group will wreak more havoc on the economic plight of this country than any. One possible exception. If card check is passed, the Department of Labor will win that honor. We bail out GM because of the UAW and then put all business in the country in the same situation with card check. How absolutely stupid is that?

We will pour billions into renewable energy and we will fall further behind the world and more dependent on foreign oil. We will create government jobs in abundance. We will bloat all of these budgets. We will create limited renewable energy at ten times the cost of conventional energy. We will put in the most aggressive carbon cap tax in the world. We will drive energy costs through the roof. People who haven’t lost their homes due to job loss or adjustable mortgages will not be able to pay utility bills. 

Meanwhile the rest of the world will proceed to drill offshore, build nuclear plants, use clean coal exported from America, and watch as we self destruct. In eight years we won’t have sufficient energy to defend our shores. When crude oil returns to $200 a barrel, and it will, we are toast. Just remember, you bought into this idea. You wanted to save the planet. You were willing to sacrifice. Obama warned you. Turn down the thermostat in winter, turn it up in summer and wear a sweater. All the dreams of all the environmental fools in America are answered in this green team and it’s green czar. San Francisco is coming to Iowa. Remember, Iowa, you made this possible in the primary, so no whining from you. 

This will not be pretty to watch. Silver bullets are nice for the Lone Ranger and other fantasy creations, but they have been few and far between in the energy world. No one wants to try easing into this like the  let’s become Russia idea, we just want to dive in and find out how deep the water is. Prudent thinkers have said , let’s do it all. Let’s drill, let’s do nuclear, let’s do clean coal, let’s do shale, wind, solar, and geothermal. This group will have none of that. It’s all or nothing, bet it all  on massive spending hoping science can find a silver bullet. It they don’t, well……………………they will find someone else to blame. So it goes in America, government with no accountability. 

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