Reasons Not to Invest in the Stock Market

October/29/2008 13:48PM
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Here are a few reasons to think about the next few months and their negative impact on the stock market. President Obama has an agenda. Some of those plans might keep the bear market going for the next few years. 

The unionization of hundreds of businesses under card check will have a negative impact on the economy. Beginning  with Walmart, the place where the poor will spend the tax credits. First, the wages will go up due to the doubling of the minimum wage, then more when Walmart is unionized. Walmart will begin to close stores and focus on their international business. Elimination of fair trade will increase their cost for imported products and augment inflation. Pain will be with the poor.  

The windfall profits tax on oil will stop any plans for exploration here. The creation of hundreds of new green government jobs will begin. They will all be unionized and produce energy at five times the present cost, if they produce any at all. Meanwhile, all efforts to produce competitive energy here will cease. All new clean fired coal power plants will stop construction. No new ones will begin. 

We will approve the reparations for slaves project.

National health care will destroy the already wounded insurance industry. The negotiations with the pharmaceutical industry will stop R&D and new cures for diseases.

No more fair trade will damge our relations with many countries and cut exports. 

Doubling the minimum wage will kick off rampant inflation that is already going to occur from the record amount of dollars being printed to handle the bail outs.

Heavy support for ethanol including the tariff on imported ethanol will keep food prices high.

Maybe you Obama supporters will find a pony in this pile. For the life of me, I can’t.

Was hating George Bush worth all this?

If you thought Bush was bad, just see how much you dislike President Obama when he gets all this good stuff through a rubber stamp congress. 

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