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October/15/2008 4:26AM
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Timing is everything. As the economy crumbles and Americans are on pins and needles about our future and our country, Al Gore steps up to the table and gives us his number one priority. Al looks like he is trying to save the planet by eating it.  Here’s the short version of Al’s message. Coal is enemy number one. U.S. citizens should take to the streets and initiate civil unrest to stop the new coal power plants being built across the country. 

Take out a piece of paper and write down your top 100 issues America has to solve. Is coal on that list? Now the next 900. Coal there yet?

If you want evidence that Gore is truly certifiable, this should get the job done. You have a tumor and Al wants you to deal with the boil on your ass. Actually, Al may be the boil on America’s ass.

First, Al is confused about coal and clean coal. The EPA requirements assure the new power plants must be equipped with technology to eliminate emissions. China is building hundreds of coal fired plants without this technology. Let’s export a new product to China, Al. Maybe Al can do some real good in China. 

To me this says it all. The house is on fire and Al is right there throwing gasoline on the house. You want this man to have a key role in government again. Vote for Obama. They are a package deal. 

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    If Obama gets elected, the checks and balances of our government will be lost and the American public and America will no longer be protected. We’ll have Pelosi & Reid controlling the House of Representatives and the Senate and we’ll only have Obama who will be the only one left to protect us and veto any bills the democrats send to the Whitehouse for final approval. Remember, Obama’s voting record shows he has never voted against his party and I know he is not strong enough to protect us when the time comes to protecting America.

    Before you vote for Obama, you had better give some serious thought and consider the consequences and what it would mean if we allow our government to become totally controlled by the Liberal & radical left agenda.

    If you’re not already afraid about what is happening in our Country, you should be scared shitless for what will happen next. For once in my life, I am scared to death, because if this happens, our way of life and America will no longer exist.

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