No to The Bailout, Rescue, or Whatever it Will Be Called Tomorrow

October/02/2008 3:50AM
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I was for it, now I’m against it. If it was truly a bailout, it started out making sense. Now, as the Senate passed it , it’s the biggest earmark bill in history. Not satisfied with $700 billion, let’s just add another $100 billion of ideas we like on to the bill. 

Let’s just let the chips fall where they may. Let’ s let the markets sort it all out. Why rely on Paulson, Bernanke, and the dolts in Washington that let it happen try to solve it. I’m convinced anything they do will make it worse.

My idea is to vote them all out. Anyone in office today running in November gets zero votes. Doesn’t matter whether they are Democrat or Republican, just vote them all out. Let’s start all over.

What the senate did to this bill says it all. Lobbyists, special interests, partisan politics, and greed and self-protection swept in and made this bill a dog’s breakfast. You are being sold a bail out bill and it’s everything but a bail out. But, you don’t get to vote on it. You only vote on the people who turned it into a dog’s breakfast and tell you it’s a bail out.

Here was their chance to show focus and leadership and convince the American people they were able to set-aside ear marks, special interests, and the other distractions that get them a 9% approval rating from us. Did they do that? You be the judge.

One provision in the bill is to exempt children’s practice arrows from a 39 cent excise tax. Are you kidding me. In the all-important bail out bill, this is added. Also, we look after fishermen, rum, wool, motor sports, Hollywood, ,mine rescue teams, and businesses who hire Native Americans from reservations. 

Doesn’t this say it all? They just can’t disgust us enough, they will go to whatever lengths they have to go to demonstrate they are ignorant and untrustworthy and have none of our interests in mind. 

Send letters and e-mails to your senators and congressmen and tell them –no bill until you cut the crap. Have some of your precious hearings on TV and take Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to the woodshed like you do everyone else who takes assets from the public. Let the public see if this is really needed. Have a public debate so we can make our own intelligent choices.Right now we don’t have enough respect for any of you to accept your recommendations. Maybe it’s the kid’s wooden arrows.

Tweaking the economy made the Great Depression last 8 years longer than it needed to last. This bill will beget more bills like it. The hedge funds are going down next and they will burn the stock market in the process. Do we bail them out?

Anything that’s over 600 pages didn’t get read by a single senator. Staffers read it and gave them the summary. They approved something they have never even read. How’s that make you feel?

I say it’s time to buck up and let it roll. What’s been done can’t be changed, but why make it worse? So we all have to live smaller lives. It was coming one way or another. If it hurts enough we will deal with the real root causes of the problem. A broken system with the wrong people running it. Until we hit bottom or near bottom, we will keep drinking the Kool Aid.

Let’s get on with it and have real change.

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I did not support the first bill that the House voted against and although the Senate improved the bill, they also mistakenly thought we wanted them to fill it up with all of the crap which has no business being in the bill. As you suggest, we did not want or need all of the earmarks they added.

    I guess we’ll see what happens today with the House and whether they too will want to add more to a bill that is already blotted with special interest spending that will drive us deeper into debt.

    I think McCain missed an opportunity and should have voted NO for the Senate bill and should have stood his ground as being a maverick he claims to be. He said that he will freeze congressional spending, so why did he agree to this bill?

    We need a bill that will provide confidence in our economy and will get things turned around, but all we are seeing and hearing is much of the same, which is Nothing.

    Maybe we need Palin on the top of the ticket!!

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