Joe the Plumber and the Witches of the View Agree

October/16/2008 20:13PM
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Funny, a 32 year old plumber becomes famous in the presidential debates. On the next day the witches of the View, excuse me Elizabeth, say “we are all broke.” Joe hasn’t decided who he will vote for, but most of the witches are solidly behind Senator Obama. Who is right and who is wrong?

If there is any justice in store for the elite leftists who are backing Obama from the View to Hollywood to the mainstream media, it comes when they get  their first tax bill when he’s president. When they first started backing him most of them were probably  50% richer than they are today. Those million dollar plus homes are hard to sell. Those bloated stock portfolios are in the tank. Next, you will get a big tax increase from your candidate of choice. Maybe some of you will be applying for a job from Joe to thread pipe. I have been a plumber’s helper for two summers in college and it’s hard, dirty work. Those investment bankers I tried to hire to cut my grass last month wanted too much money. Joe may not want to pay you what you think you are worth either. 

Be careful what you wish for, witches of the View, Hollywood, and you media darlings. Obama is a different kind of liberal than those you have loved before. The truth is he hates you. You are everything he, Michele,  and Bill Ayers hate about this country. He isn’t a Kennedy, a Kerry, or even a Biden. He’s a Marx or a Che Guevara. He wants to level the playing field in this country just like Castro did for Cuba. 

He believes those who have must give. Anyone who makes more than $250,000 a year needs to pay more to the government so the government can redistribute it to those the government believes needs it more. 

What I don’t understand is this. If Warren Buffet, the witches of the view, Hollywood, and the liberal media feel so strongly about the poor and downtrodden, why not get out your checkbooks and start writing checks to the charities that support your favorite causes. Why do you want your government to do it for you? Before you write to me and tell me Buffet is doing that, look at where Gates is putting that money. Most of it goes abroad. Gates and Buffet are looking after foreign countries not the U.S. Funny, they both make most of that money here, but they are like your government, they like to take your money and help people in other nations.

The market is always ahead of the power curve. A big part of what’s happening right now is the market’s recognition that Obama will be the next president. The market knows his tax plans will devastate the market. Higher capital gains taxes, higher death taxes, higher income taxes, and higher dividend taxes take incentive away form investment. Obama is going to do an energy program through a windfall profits tax on big oil Oops, the oil price has gone down 50% since he brought out that plan. Where is that money going to come from? Europe is backing off cap and trade. Both candidates want to put it in here. What will that do to the market? Ask Europe.

The simple truth is that the country can’t afford Senator Obama. The rich who thought they could, can’t now. The rest who are no longer just clinging to guns and bibles are now also clinging to jobs and houses can’t afford to have him  rip off businesses and make sure those jobs are gone. Really, the simple truth is the only people who should be voting for Senator Obama are the voters who pay no taxes and will get a $1,000 voting bonus paid for by the rest of us. If there are enough of them to elect him, so be it. If not, he shouldn’t get a single vote from anyone else who is broke and will get no help from him. Joe, that includes you. If you want to build that business without help from government and without the union coming around and using card check to unionize your little company, you better not vote for Senator Obama.

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