Dogma Destroying America

October/06/2008 17:22PM
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Global Warming. We are more committed to solving a problem that may or may not be a problem with a time horizon of 100 years than we are to solving an energy dependence problem that will destroy our country if left unsolved much longer. 

Renewable Energy. If we ramped up everything we know about today and eradicated all lawsuits that stop any of it from happening, we might replace 10% of our dependency at 50% higher cost. Wow. This is the basket Obama wants to put all his eggs in. Ethanol is a government idea for renewable energy. A net energy loss after all energy inputs to produce a gallon are calculated. Keeps those food costs up.

Market Timing. It is very bad financial planning to try market timing. Personally, I think it’s a very bad financial planner who keeps clients in the market while it has gone down 40%. At best, it will take 4 years to get back to even.

Washington runs America. The media runs America. Since the Nixon Kennedy debates, the media has held the true power in America. Much of the dogma we believe are bad ideas pounded into us over  many years by the left wing media who control thought in America. They control the politicians. If a politician takes a stand that upsets the media, they destroy them regardless of the correctness of that stand. It’s just easier to roll over for  the media.

America will be all right, we’ve always managed to overcome problems. Let’s see, how many world leaders have felt that way? The Roman Empire. The Spanish dominance. The Dutch powerhouse. The British Empire. The USSR. The truth is we have no guarantees and the rest of the world is starting to believe our time in the sun is over.

We have a sound economy. Do we? We once manufactured 50% of the world’s goods. That’s now 15%. Manufacturing was once 25% of our GDP, now it’s 17%. Finance grew to 25% of the GDP. I wonder why. I think it’s safe to say that will shrink. The world has lost faith in us. Our excessive regulation makes it difficult to do business here. (Sarbanes/Oxley). Our corporate tax rate makes it less desirable  to headquarter here. We are becoming a nation of consumers and government employees. Not a great foundation for an economy is it Michigan?

Diversity is the answer. Baloney. Hiring the best qualified is the answer. Quotas are the bane of this country.  

The Labor Movement is good for America. The labor movement is a corrupt group that does little for the worker and makes jobs and businesses go away. A big part of our shrinking manufacturing capability here can be laid at the feet of the unions. Right Michigan?

Government is by the people, for the people. Crap. Government is for the government. Special interests, power, and self enrichment is what the government is all about today.

There is an American Dream. Even illegal aliens aren’t buying this anymore. They have stopped coming and many are going home. Living large is no more. Everything will be downsized here in the next few years. Jobs, houses, cars, personal space, and possessions. Only the size of government will grow.

The U.S. has the best educational system in the world. Foreign students come here and get an education, then go home.Statistics show that many universities in Asia are far superior to ours. The top students in India now go to the top universities in India, we get the next tier. Still, they outshine our best.  How can an antiquated educational system that hasn’t changed in 100 years still be tops? It can’t. Accountability and the demise of tenure are critical changes we need, but the NEA will not let that happen.

This list is almost endless. We have begun to believe our own version of what is and what isn’t. There is an old saying, blow your horn often enough and someone will make it into a funnel. The world is tired of our horn and a large percentage want to pour some really bad stuff into the funnel. We need to wake up and take a good look in the mirror. We aren’t so pretty anymore.

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Comments (3)

  1. Chris Johnson says:

    Global Warming – big problem, man made, shorter than 100 year time horizon. Couple this problem with the energy issues you describe and this makes energy security and independence the number 1 national security issue facing this country.

    Renewables – if we get serious, this is our ticket to security and continued prosperity.

    Market Timing – hopefully, a good financial planner sees some of our problems coming and positions a portfolio to succeed (or at least be defensive).

    The media runs America – I’m not buying that. "the media" is full of voices from all over the political spectrum. Must be a vast left wing conspiracy, eh?

    Our time in the sun is over – sure… there are lots of folks out there in the world that would like to see our sun set. Despots and dictators mostly. While we certainly have a lot of work to do to repair the damage of the last 8 years, it can be done.

    Our economy is sound – no, I don’t think it is either but we will recover. However, who’s fault is the so-called "excessive regulation" that you decry? It wasn’t the media that allowed Enron to cheat it’s shareholders and it’s employees, enrich their corrupt executives and force regulation such as SOX. It wasn’t the media that forced us to borrow $700 billion more from the Chinese to bail out irresponsible "too big to fail" financial institutions.

    Diversity – what’s wrong with diversity?

    The labor movement does little for the worker – huh? The Labor movement gave workers the higher pay, the 40 hour workweek, health benefits and so much more. Do you think the robber barons of the 20th century would have provided such benefits cuz they were altruistic?

    Government by the people, for the people – The people have allowed the government to be hijacked by the people with the money. Instead of standing up for what is best for the most, the government stands up for the wealthiest so they can get their donations so they can get reelected. As I like to say, "it’s all about money".

    The American Dream – so I guess we shouldn’t build that wall since it would keep those pesky immigrants from going back home.

    Education – oh yea… it’s all the teachers fault.

  2. bill robertson says:


    Nice to hear you weigh in. If I’m right you bought all the dogma. If I’m wrong, you prove once can buy all the popular ideas and succeed in the world. I’m sticking with my position.


  3. Ken Dozier says:


    If I have learned anything over the past 56 years, no matter what we do or say will not change the opinions of others. Therefore, I can’t respond to Chris, because it is clear he and I would never agree on anything. I’m guessing that Chris is a Liberal and will be voting for Obama, which is his right, so I will respect that, and would not try and convince him otherwise. Oil and Water don’t mix, so it’s better to stop trying.

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