Global Warming Concerns

September/28/2008 0:44AM
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I haven’t kept good notes on the list of things I’ve read the past 6 months that might be effected by global warming. But, relying on memory here are a few. Of course, there is the big list: ice cap, polar bears, shorelines, whales, penguins, and all things great and small. Next, there is kidney stones. We will have an epidemic of those in 10 years. Next is allergies. All of us will be sneezing 24/7/365 in no time. Today it’s autumn leaves. Yep, no colors anymore. There is the influx of hurricanes. Dozens a year every year. As more and more items hit this list it really make one pause,somehow it makes the whole thing seem even more ridiculous. 

Then there is the latest published  measurements. They show the developing nations, primarily China and India have more than offset the progress from other countries. The U.S. is up, of course. Despite the economy suffering, and miles driven down. Aren’t you glad we didn’t kick in billions of tax dollars like Europe did for their cap and trade program. Most of which was stolen by the United Nations. Please, please Obama or McCain can we get in on this deal? 

I do have another list. The American economy will be ruined and the futures of my children and grand children. Not by global warming, but by our insane response to the chance that it may happen. Jobs will be gone. Civil unrest will be the order of  the day in the U.S. Canada will have the same problem we have experienced with illegal aliens. But, theirs will be Americans sneaking across the Canadian border to get work. Canada is plugging along drilling and piling up U.S. dollars. They need people to come up there to work.

Two lists. One may happen. The other will happen. Pick your poison. Save the world, maybe, or save your ass, no maybe to it. One is like religion, you have to believe without a lot of facts. The other is like death, it will happen.

Over reacting  to anything is not prudent. We have been imprudent for a long time. We have bought into putting the world before our survival. Canada is moving forward. China is moving forward. Russia is moving forward. Brazil is moving forward. Europe is ahead of us with cap and trade. The United Nations is running the program for them. Graft is the biggest result so far. We will have some organization like Fannie or Freddie to run ours. Someone is right and someone is wrong. The ones moving forward will offset any gains we try to make.

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to read another list of things I might lose if I don’t destroy my country. Next, it will destroy the greens on my golf course. Now, that I will take seriously.

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