Pelosi To Tap Strategic Reserve

August/18/2008 2:18AM
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Pelosi now says she will put the offshore drilling vote on the floor of the House when they return from recess. The pressure from her peers who face re-election and see the Republicans making progress is too great. But, she insists part of the compromise will be to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower prices.

Russia is showing the world how important oil is once again. The invasion of Georgia has everything to do with oil and showing the world the US is hamstrung right now with wars on two fronts. At a time when we should fear not having enough oil to defend our shores and economy Nancy wants to use some we do have put away for the time when the bad guys come calling. 

Here’s the lineup of sources for out 70% imports for June of 2008. Canada 1,883,000 barrels per day, Saudi Arabia 1,479,000,  Mexico 1,124,000, Venezuela 1,085,000, Nigeria, 946,000, Iraq 693,000, Angola 636,000, Brazil 280,000, Algeria 236,000, Russia 228,000, Kuwait 179,000, Ecuador 178,000, Colombia 177,000, Chad 107,000 and Libya 89,000.

Just look at this list and tell me whether you agree with Pelosi. Feel good about this lineup?

Mexico’s production is going down fast. Venezuela has threatened to cut us off before. You like Russia, Angola, Nigeria, Algeria, Libya, and Chad as suppliers?

How can anyone in their right mind suggest we start to drain the SPR instead of getting about the business of ridding our country of dependence from countries that hate us?

Go ahead vote for Obama. He wants to do the same thing. When you are on gasoline rationing and can’t get to work, just remember this lineup of suppliers you felt so good about you put your future in their hands. Not me. Anyone who even suggests we tap the SPR is off my list.  

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Although Pelosi is saying she is going to allow a vote on drilling, the group of ten, which includes democrats and republicans, are working on a plan that will greatly water down what is truly needed to reduce our independence on foreign producers.

    The republicans should not yield nor give Pelosi what she wants just so they can say they have approved an energy bill. This bill as currently presented contains republican concessions that will not do enough and will actually raise costs and waste.

    This entire issue is becoming a joke and when are we going to say enough is enough and vote all of these people out of office? We are being betrayed by Congress on both sides and who are doing nothing except grandstanding to appease the uninformed public.

    We must approve an energy bill that dramatically increases all forms of energy production and at the same time, cut government subsidies and spending on programs that are way to costly and wasteful.

    Stop the Government’s Spending Spree and Stop it Now and don’t elect Obama, who will increase our governments addiction to taking our money.

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