Here and Now vs. Then and Never

June/20/2008 12:34PM
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Bush Sr. lost the election because he didn’t understand it’s about the economy stupid. McCain may win the election if he steps up the attack on the Democrats so-called energy policy. It’s simple. Republicans need the here and now energy policy. We pull out all the stops. We fast track everything to get every bit of energy we can get here as fast as we can. Permits, granted. Restrictions, lifted. Incentives, $130 a barrel, no more. Go now, go fast.

Obama is in the trick bag. He can’t respond. His policy is to do nothing but tax Big Oil and spend the money on a big government boondoggle to create some dream of renewable energy. Doesn’t know what it is, but promises, like all his promises, it will come.

Like I said several entries ago, a good high school football coach could win this one for McCain. And, take the Gov down in California who is on Obama’s page. Tie energy to jobs. Tie energy to investments. Tie energy to life style. Tie energy to other industries that are suffering and get their support, airlines, trucking, chemicals, etc. We built this country on cheap energy and we will lose it if we don’t find enough to keep it going.

Pull in all the green stuff. Solar and wind. Eliminate ethanol. And tag the Democrats with the do nothing but promise everything energy policy. They find reasons not to do everything. Show what Obama is against: nuclear,drilling anywhere, shale, etc. Highlight his statement: he’s just sorry gas prices went up so fast.

Hammer the need to get a Republican congress so you can do all this.

Drop global warming and cap and trade and Lieberman all three.

Concede ANWR. Say you were wrong.

Put as much into this as you did holding out in that POW camp. Add some emotion. Slam it hard, stop pussyfooting. Bring Newt in and let him do his thing. He gets it and can debate it. You don’t and can’t. 

It’s your election to win or lose and whoever gets this right and gets it first will win. Don’t let Obama figure that out when you have the first momentum. 


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