Americans Can Be Dumbed Down Even More

June/28/2008 13:38PM
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Just when you think you are living in the old Soviet Union and getting all your news from Tass, the Soviet propaganda machine, you read something that tells you it’s even worse. 

Our government wants the revenue from cap and trade so badly they are truly desperate. They are all wearing bibs they are drooling so much over the trillions of illicit tax dollars they can reap from this bogus program that will truly destroy our country . The little set back they had recently when it was rejected for debate will not deter them. They  have just cranked up the propaganda machine and will inundate us with guilt for not loving cap and trade. Europe is going down in flames with their version and want it gone as soon as possible, but McCain and Obama can’t wait to put it in here.

Our politicians truly believe we have unlimited capacity for them to expedite our stupidity for their benefit. Their approval rating is now less than 5% but they don’t care. They are a monopoly. Teddy Roosevelt broke up the old Standard Oil Company in 1911 because old John D owned the entire supply chain. Who will  break up the two party system in America? It doesn’t work anymore and we will not fix our problems until it goes away. Why can’t we choose candidates based on their platforms rather than their party label? A billion  dollars to be spent on the presidential campaign for advertising this year. It has gotten totally out of control. Everything is orchestrated to appeal to the voter. Example, the Clinton/Obama love fest yesterday. Give me a break.

Finally, to my point. Global warming is starting to take some hits. Serious hits. Americans are getting skeptical. In the UK a majority of the population now believe it is a hoax. It was a fad like the hula hoop, but an expensive fad. Buying it has cost billions in European cap and trade euros and billions in lost opportunity dollars here. The media which is in love with the idea and the politicians are getting desperate to hold onto to this scam. 

The latest ploy. Global warming may be a security risk. Your read it right, a security risk. The Center for Strategic and International Studies tells us that. Here’s the deal.  Global warming will create climate change in the form of extreme weather, drought, flooding, and disease. This can cause migration and tensions within and between countries. Also, poverty, social tensions and weak governments. This could all increase the pool of potential recruits for terrorism. There you have it, another compelling argument for Global Warming and cap and trade. 

Maybe this all makes sense to you, but I have some real issues with it. They start with my tax dollars being spent for this study. I seriously question whether there is a single employee at the vaunted Center for Strategic and International Studies who does not worship Global Warming. How could there be an objective result from this study? Who commissioned this study? Lastly, why isn’t the group looking at the impact of commodity shortages resulting from global overpopulation and the impact of that on world tensions. Which will break the bank first? I’m betting on the latter. So, let’s make it worse by stopping all forms of commodity production in the name of global warming. Plus, let’s send billions of dollars to the coutries who sell us oil so they can finance terrorism. If this weren’t so funny, it would cause projectile vomiting. What’s next? Global warming is causing insanity in Washington D.C. ? Now that I could buy.   

I’m insulted daily by the statements of politicians, the media, and committees like this who think I will buy whatever they are selling. The public must stop accepting the crap we are being fed and tell the purveyors we aren’t as dumb as they think we are. Now. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    As American tax payers, I think we need get Congress to forget about Cap and Trade and building bridges to no where and push for their own Term Limits so we can get rid of some of these lifers who have lived off of our tax dollars. Why do we limit the President to 8 years, but everyone else in Congress can stay as long as they can be elected? This does not make sense to me and is one reason we have so many old Bastards in office who have made a career on our tax dollars and have made millions of dollars at our expense.

    Case in point, how many years has the Daley family run the Chicago Democratic Party? It’s because politicians cater to their cronies who in turn help finance their campaign to keep them in office. You scratch mine and I’ll scratch yours.

    The same holds true with our Congress. They support and get funding for earmarks for those who in turn help keep them in office. Again, You scratch mine and I’ll scratch yours.

    I doubt very seriously that Congress would put forth a bill on their own that would limit their terms in office, so the only thing we can do is vote them out. This can only be done if we, the tax payers wake up, pay attention to who’s getting paid and vote these free loaders out of office.

    Congress has done nothing about the energy situation for the past 30 years, yet we keep them in office and now we’re paying for it?

    The only Cap Congress needs to consider right now is Capping their Fat Cat Asses out of office and replacing them selves with someone else who will work for us and who are not in it for themselves and their friends.

    It’s time to Wake Up People and do something about it. It’s time to Cap Thier Ass.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    I like it. Cap and trade. Term limit, two terms, then we trade for a new loser. It will limit their ability to get rich. But, all they will do is campaign for the first term.

    I really think the problem is the two party system. It has run it’s course. We need no parties or ten parties, but run on your platform. Get elected based on your platform,not your party’s platform.


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