Haves and Have Nots

March/22/2008 15:45PM
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Why will my grandchildren have a lower standard of living than my kids? Basically, it boils down to this. Capitalists and Conservatives have done the most to make this country what it is. Socialists and Liberals have nipped away at progress and tried to destroy our Nation’s wealth and courage. Effectively, they have won. We are stopped dead in our tracks. We want to be a nation that doesn’t reward hard work and success. We don’t want jobs where you don’t  get dirty or create smoke.

How did this happen? Simple, the haves and the have nots.

Liberals have the ACLU. Conservatives have not.

Liberals have the Sierra Club and Greenpeace and hundreds of on call out of work deadbeats that will show up anywhere any time to protest any progress. Conservatives have not.

Liberals have Hollywood and the major networks to shape thought in the US. Conservatives have not.

Liberals have 90% of the university professors preaching their political philosophy in the classroom. Conseratives have not.

Liberals have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Conservatives have not.

Liberals have Al Gore who has sold Climate Change as a fact. Conservatives have not. 

There is only one area where I see Conservatives outgunning Liberals. The NRA, pun intended. It shows what an effective organization that has the funding and courage to take on anyone. That same plan applied to all the the other areas where the tide has turned could reverse serious trends and get us back on a reasonable path. 

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  1. Ken says:

    I sent an email this morning to a number of people I thought would find a website of interest. The website was http://capwiz.com/freedomworks/issues/?style=D

    One of these individuals I sent this to is my Sisters Husband who are both Liberals in there mid 40ies. My Brother in-law’s response to me was as follows:

    "What, did Rush (Drug Addict) Limbaugh give you this web site?"

    No surprise, but I guess Liberals would rather be told what is going on rather than taking the initiative to investigate the facts and to make up their own minds. This is probably too much to expect or ask for.

    This is a good website that provides a wealth of information on current congressional issues and the website also allows you send pre-written letters to various elected government officials who will be voting on legislation. I must have sent out at least 15 letters this morning.

    After looking at the site again, it appears it is geared towards those of us who are more conservative and actually have a brain and use it intelligently.

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