The Cotton Candy Generation

February/13/2008 23:24PM
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How did we get to the point where my grandchildren have lost their freedom to play outside and their parents live in fear every day that some low life will harm them? We, those of us who disagree with what has happened to our country, were too busy doing what we thought was the right thing. Working hard to get ahead and making a better life for our kids. We didn’t have time or take time to put up a fight. If we had, the deck was stacked and we would have lost.

Our family values today were shaped by the ACLU, TV, Hollywood, teachers and professors,the courts, politicians, and other thought leaders. They took over and we didn’t respond. In many cases they do this full-time and we could only spend part-time trying to undo what they were doing. We have accepted that is it OK to have the society we have today. We don’t see a choice. 

Why isn’t there an opposite of the ACLU? We don’t we kick in and have a group that defends the people the ACLU destroy. A group to defend the cop who shot the guy. Every challenge the ACLU makes should be met with a like challenge from the conservative side. Are there no attorneys that would work pro bono for the other side? We are slowly getting choices for news, but too little too late. We have been so spun we are cotton candy. 

Change is not always good. Being soft on crime has not made this a better country. We won WWII by out producing our enemies. More planes ,more tanks, more bombs. We couldn’t do that today. Our environmental zealots don’t want us to make anything in this country. Worrying more about what goes on in far lands is not better than worrying about what we are doing at home. Spending time and money on space is not better than super trains that go from A to B with great fuel efficiency. 

Do we ever say we’ve had enough and start shoving some of the guilt back down the liberals throats and say" I have a better vision for this country and none of it fits with the crap you are feeding me." My vision is for a strong America where we take action on problems and solve them. If there are trade offs, so be it. If freaks need to go to jail we build more jails and get every one of them off the streets. Too bad for them, better for my grandkids. The hard core environmentalists can go off to the Yukon. They are trying to convince me it will be tropics next week. We will drill the hell out of Alaska, build new nuclear plants, new refineries, mine the coal in Utah that Clinton made into a National Park, expedite new plants than produce anything we need. We will do what is right and fair for our future generations, not some Ralph Nader future. Remember, Ralph never had a driver’s license.

Until my generation stops being spun like cotton candy, nothing will change and it will get worse. It’s the least we can do to remedy the mess we’ve made by working too hard at work.

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