Pentagon Envy

February/10/2008 0:32AM
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Evidently the honchos in the Pentagon have serious wiring problems. They asked General Petraeus to take a promotion to oversee operations in the Middle East. He turned them down. Guess he felt it was important to finish his job in Iraq when it seems to be working.  Was their request logical to anyone who has any inkling of the job this man is doing and the importance that job holds for our country and our troops? Anyone who participated in the decision to put that request to Petraeus should be retired. 

In my judgment there can be only one reason this request was made. General Petraeus is getting too much positive recognition in the US and is a threat to the Generals in the Pentagon. The see him as the next Swartzkolf or Powell. With this kind of petty politics in the top echelon of our defense system we are not running an effective military operation. The FBI doesn’t talk to the CIA and neither talk to Homeland Security which has grown into the bigger entity. The military has top people who put their own career aspirations ahead of the job the best of them is doing in Iraq. God Bless America. 

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