No Erasers in Washington

January/30/2008 17:15PM
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Ever wonder why we can’t end a tax or a program, once started? Examples, we were fighting WWII when I was born. We still have troops in Germany. We fought in Korea when I was a kid. We still have troops in Korea. We are rightfully proud of our space program. It is still a space program or a jobs program? That piece of junk we call a space staion, what is it and why do we have it? It’s our money, but we don’t ask. Once a tax is put in for a specific purpose does it go out when the purpose is gone? No. The money gets spent for other reasons. Where are the checks and balances that allow us to question why these programs, projects, and taxes go on and on? If you were a shareholder of a corporation you would receive a quarterly accounting and get to vote on major proposals and members of the board. We do get to vote. But, we can’t sell the USA and buy China. Although, the way the two options look today, if we could, many of us might sell and buy. One looks like it is on the way up and the other on the way down. Perhaps a good eraser and the eradication of many pork projects, taxes, government jobs, and defense efforts in foreign lands would make us want to keep our stock. 

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